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1. Who can get access to database? 

Only authorized users can get access to it. In other words, username and password are required. In order to apply for them, you should be either the members or collaborators of Manitoba Resistance and Susceptibility to Infection Group..

2. How to apply for? 

You should go to Login page and click "Request Access" link. A form pops up and fill it in, then submit! You will get username and password whthin a few working days.

3. How to use database?

     You can either go to Tutorials by youself or send email to Ben Liang (DBA) for help.

4. "When I search database, I find the descriptions of many data fields are in abbreviations. Where can I find the full names of data fields"?

You can download the details of data fiels in talbes from here:
Fascan, Serology Tables
Resurvey General Info and Lab Tables

5. "When I search database, I find the search result will not come out for a long time"?

This happens when your search results contain more than 5000 records
, which will freeze the web page. When searching database, you should make sure to limit your search records less than 5000 at a time.

6. "I want to search the most recent data, how do I know it is available or not in advance"?

You can go to Database News.

7. "If I have technical questions, who sould I contact"?

You can contact Ben Liang (DBA) for help.


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