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Welcome to the Manitoba Resistance and Susceptibility to Infection Group

Since HIV was identified over two decades ago as the cause of AIDS, the disease has been ravaging populations worldwide. UNAIDS estimated that more than 60 million people have been infected with HIV ( Of these, over 20 million have died while almost 40 million are currently living with the disease. The AIDS epidemic continues to grow at an alarming rate in developing countries.

Effective vaccines to HIV-1 are our best hope to stop the epidemic.

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Dr. Francis A. Plummer

  • Mechanisms of resistance to HIV
  • Risk factors for heterosexual transmission of HIV
  • Mother-to-child transmission of HIV
  • Public health strategies for control of sexually transmitted infections
  • Immunobiology of gonococcal infections

Dr. Keith R. Fowke

  • Cellular immune mechanisms of HIV resistance
  • The role of immune activation and apoptotic cell death in HIV disease
  • The role of immune activation and apoptotic cell death in HIV resistance

Dr. Stephen Moses

  • Biological and behavioural risk factors for STD/HIV transmission
  • TSyndromic approaches and risk assessment in the management of STDs
  • Interventions to reduce the transmission of STDs and HIV infection
  • Approaches to STD/HIV control
  • Health worker training in STD management in resource-poor settings

Dr. Xiaojian Yao

  • Functional role and mechanism of viral integrase in HIV replication
  • Viral cellular protein interactions during HIV replication
  • Role of HIV-1 accessory gene products in HIV mother-to-child transmission
  • Development of anti-HIV strategies
  • Development of antivirals against Avian influenza virus entry

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