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QUASl analysis of the HIV-1 envelope sequences in the Los Alamos National Laboratory HIV sequence database: pattern and distribution of positive selection sites and their frequencies over years. Liang B, Luo M, Ball TB, Plummer FA. Biochem Cell Biol. 2007 April;85(2):259-64. |PubMed|

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Cell phones: tightening the communication gap in resource-limited antiretroviral programmes? Lester RT, Gelmon L, Plummer FA. AIDS 2006 Nov 14;20(17):2242-4. |PubMed|

Identification of Two Novel HLA-C Alleles, Cw*070105 and Cw*1408, from East African Women. Hum Immunol. 2006 Apr-May;67(4-5):359-62. Keynan Y, Luo M, Lacap P, Brunham R, Plummer FA. Epub 2006 May 5. |PubMed|

Strong TCR conservation and altered T cell cross-reactivity characterize a B*57-restricted immune response in HIV-1 infection. 2006 Set 15;177(6):3893-902. Gillespie GM, Stewart-Jones G,...Plummer FA,..., and Rowland-Jones SL.|Pub Med|

Characterization of CD8+ T cell responses in HIV-1 exposed seronegative commercial sex workers from Nairobi, Kenya. Immunology and Cell Biology. Alimonti JB, Kimani J, Matu L, Wachihi C, Kaul R, Plummer FA and Fowke KR. |PubMed|

IL-7Ra Expression on CD4+ T Lymphocytes Decreases with HIV Disease Progression and Inversely Correlates with Immune Activation. European J. Immunology. 2006. 36:336-44. Koesters SA, Alimonti JB, Wachichi C, Matu L, Anzala O, Kimani J, Embree JE, Plummer FA and Fowke KR. PMID: 16421946

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Cross-clade CD8(+) T-cell responses with a preference for the predominant circulating clade. J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr. McKinnon LR, Ball TB, Kimani J, Wachihi C, Matu L, Luo M, Embree J, Fowke KR, Plummer FA. 2005 Nov 1;40(3):245-9. |Pub Med|

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High-resolution sequence-based DPA1 typing identified two novel DPA1 alleles, DPA1*010303 and DPA1*0303, from a Kenyan population. Tissue Antigens. Luo M, Bamforth J, Gill K, Cohen C, Brunham RC, Plummer FA. 2005 Jan;65(1):120-2. |Pub Med|

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CD4+ T cell responses in HIV-exposed seronegative subjects are qualitatively distinct from those in HIV-infected individuals. J Infect Diseases. Alimonti JB, Koesters SA, Kimani J, Matu L, Wachihi C, Plummer FA and Fowke KR. 2005. 191:20-4. PMID: 15592998

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