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A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial of Single-Dose Ciprofloxacin versus Erythromycin for the Treatment of Chancroid in Nairobi, Kenya. Isaac M. Malonza, Francis A. Plummer,and Stephen Moses, et al. J Infect Dis. 1999 Dec;180(6):1886-93. PMID:10558945

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HIV-specific immunity following immunization with HIV synthetic envelope peptides in asymptomatic HIV-infected patients Ligia A. Pintoa, Keith R. Fowke, and Robert Yarchoanc ,et al. AIDS. 1999 Oct 22;13(15):2003-12. PMID:10546852

Stable antenatal HIV-1 seroprevalence with high population mobility and marked seroprevalence variation among sentinel sites within Nairobi, Kenya Denis J. Jackson, Francis A. Plummer, and Stephen Moses, et al. AIDS. 1999 Apr 1;13(5):583-9. PMID:10203383

Increased interleukin-10 in the endocervical secretions of women with non-ulcerative sexually transmitted diseases: a mechanism for enhanced HIV-1 transmission? Craig R.Cohen, Francis A. Plummer, and Robert C. Brunham, et al. AIDS. 1999 Feb 25;13(3):327-32. PMID:10199222

HIV-1-specific mucosal IgA in a cohort of HIV-1-resistant Kenyan sex workers Rupert Kaul,T. Blake Ball, and Francis A. Plummer,et al. AIDS. 1999 Jan 14;13(1):23-9. PMID:10207541

Resistance to HIV-1 infection among highly exposed sex workers in Nairobi: what mediates protection and why does it develop? Immunol Lett. Plummer FA, Ball TB, Kimani J, Fowke KR. 1999 Mar;66(1-3):27-34. PMID: 10203031

Broadly cross-reactive HIV-specific cytotoxic T-lymphocytes in highly-exposed persistently seronegative donors. Immunol Lett. Rowland-Jones SL, Dong T, Dorrell L, Ogg G, Hansasuta P, Krausa P, Kimani J, Sabally S, Ariyoshi K, Oyugi J, MacDonald KS, Bwayo J, Whittle H, Plummer FA, McMichael AJ. 1999 Mar;66(1-3):9-14. PMID: 10203028

Genetic analysis of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 strains in Kenya: a comparison using phylogenetic analysis and a combinatorial melting assay. AIDS Res Hum Retroviruses. Robbins KE, Kostrikis LG, Brown TM, Anzala O, Shin S, Plummer FA, Kalish ML. 1999 Mar 1;15(4):329-35. PMID: 10082116

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Protease inhibitor and triple-drug therapy: cellular immune parameters are not restored in pediatric AIDS patients after 6 months of treatment. Claire Chougnet, Keith R. Fowke, and Gene M. Shearer, et al. AIDS. 1998 Dec 24;12(18):2397-406. PMID:9875577

Cytotoxic T Cell Responses to Multiple Conserved HIV Epitopes in HIV-Resistant Prostitutes in Nairobi. Sarah L. Rowland-Jones, Keith R. Fowke, and Francis A. Plummer, et al. J Clin Invest. 1998 Nov 1;102(9):1758-65. PMID:9802890

HIV pathogenesis: mechanisms of susceptibility and disease progression. J Neil Simonsen, Keith R Fowke, and Francis A Plummer, et al. Curr Opin Microbiol. 1998 Aug;1(4):423-9. PMID:10066519

Mother-Child Class I HLA Concordance Increases Perinatal Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 Transmission. Kelly S. MacDonald, Joanne Embree, and Francis A. Plummer, et al. J INfect Dis. 1998 Mar;177(3):551-6. PMID:9498931

HIV-1 resistance in Kenyan sex workers is not associated with altered cellular susceptibility to HIV-1 infection or enhanced chemokine production. Fowke KR, Dong T, Rowland-Jones SL, Oyugi J, Rutherford WJ, Kimani J, Krausa P, Bwayo J, Simonsen JN, Shearer GM, Plummer FA. AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses 1998, 14:1521-1530. PMID:9840285

Clinical and in situ cellular responses to Haemophilus ducreyi in the presence or absence of HIV infection. Int J STD AIDS. King R, Choudhri SH, Nasio J, Gough J, Nagelkerke NJ, Plummer FA, Ndinya-Achola JO, Ronald AR. 1998 Sep;9(9):531-6. PMID: 9764937

CCR2-64I allele and genotype association with delayed AIDS progression in African women. University of Nairobi Collaboration for HIV Research. Lancet. Anzala AO, Ball TB, Rostron T, O'Brien SJ, Plummer FA, Rowland-Jones SL. 1998 May 30;351(9116):1632-3. PMID: 9620723

Heterosexual transmission of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV): interactions of conventional sexually transmitted diseases, hormonal contraception and HIV-1. AIDS Res Hum Retroviruses. Plummer FA. 1998 Apr;14 Suppl 1:S5-10. Review. PMID: 9581877

Mother-child class I HLA concordance increases perinatal human immunodeficiency virus type 1 transmission. J Infect Dis. MacDonald KS, Embree J, Njenga S, Nagelkerke NJ, Ngatia I, Mohammed Z, Barber BH, Ndinya-Achola J, Bwayo J, Plummer FA. 1998 Mar;177(3):551-6. PMID: 9498431

Naturally occurring IgG anti-HLA alloantibody does not correlate with HIV type 1 resistance in Nairobi prostitutes. AIDS Res Hum Retroviruses. Luscher MA, Choy G, Njagi E, Bwayo JJ, Anzala AO, Ndinya-Achola JO, Ball TB, Wade JA, Plummer FA, Barber BH, MacDonald KS. 1998 Jan 20;14(2):109-15. PMID: 9462920

Anti-HLA alloantibody is found in children but does not correlate with a lack of HIV type 1 transmission from infected mothers. AIDS Res Hum Retroviruses. 1998 Jan 20;14(2):99-107. PMID: 9462919

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Recent transmission of tuberculosis in a cohort of HIV-1-infected female sex workers in Nairobi, Kenya. Charles F. Gilks, Francis A. Plummer,and David A. Warrell, er al. AIDS. 1997 Jun;11(7):911-8 PMID:9189217

Isoniazid preventive therapy for tuberculosis in HIV-1-infected adults: results of a randomized controlled trial. Mark P. Hawken, Francis A. Plummer,and Keith P.W.J. McAdam, et al. AIDS. 1997 Jun;11(7):857-82 PMID:9189212

Immunologic and virologic evaluation after influenza vaccination of HIV-1 infected patients. Fowke KR, D’Amico R, Chernoff DN, Pottage J, Bensen C, Sha B, Kessler HA, Landay AL, Shearer GM. AIDS 1997; 11:1013-1021 PMID:9223736

Analysis of neonatal T cell and antigen presenting cell functions. Trivedi HN, HayGlass KT, Gangur V, Allardice JG, Embree JE, Plummer FA. Hum Immunol. 1997 Oct;57(2):69-79. PMID 9438198

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High HIV prevalence, low condom use and gender differences in sexual behaviour among patients with STD-related complaints at a Nairobi primary health care clinic. Int J STD AIDS. Ndinya-Achola JO, Ghee AE, Kihara AN, Krone MR, Plummer FA, Fisher LD, Holmes KK. 1997 Aug;8(8):506-14. PMID: 9259499

Nasopharyngeal pneumococcal colonization among Kenyan children: antibiotic resistance, strain types and associations with human immunodeficiency virus type 1 infection. Pediatr Infect Dis J. Rusen ID, Fraser-Roberts L, Slaney L, Ombette J, Lovgren M, Datta P, Ndinya-Achola J, Talbot JA, Nagelkerke N, Plummer FA, Embree JE. 1997 Jul;16(7):656-62. PMID: 9239769

Recent transmission of tuberculosis in a cohort of HIV-1-infected female sex workers in Nairobi, Kenya. AIDS. Gilks CF, Godfrey-Faussett P, Batchelor BI, Ojoo JC, Ojoo SJ, Brindle RJ, Paul J, Kimari J, Bruce MC, Bwayo J, Plummer FA, Warrell DA. 1997 Jun;11(7):911-8. PMID: 9189217

Isoniazid preventive therapy for tuberculosis in HIV-1-infected adults: results of a randomized controlled trial. AIDS. Hawken MP, Meme HK, Elliott LC, Chakaya JM, Morris JS, Githui WA, Juma ES, Odhiambo JA, Thiong'o LN, Kimari JN, Ngugi EN, Bwayo JJ, Gilks CF, Plummer FA, Porter JD, Nunn PP, McAdam KP. 1997 Jun;11(7):875-82. PMID: 9189212

HLA-DR 52- and 51-associated DRB1 alleles in Kenya, east Africa. Tissue Antigens. Dunand VA, Ng CM, Wade JA, Bwayo J, Plummer FA, MacDonald KS. 1997 Apr;49(4):397-402. PMID: 9151392

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Resistance to HIV-1 infection among prostitutes. Fowke KR, Nagelkerke NJD, Kimani J, Simonsen JN, Anzala AO, Bwayo J, MacDonald KS, Ngugi EN, Plummer FA. Lancet 1996; 348:1347-51. PMID:8918278

Genital ulcer disease among STD clinic attenders in Nairobi: association with HIV-1 and circumcision status. Int J STD AIDS. Nasio JM, Nagelkerke NJ, Mwatha A, Moses S, Ndinya-Achola JO, Plummer FA. 1996 Oct;7(6):410-4. PMID: 8940669

Focused peer-mediated educational programs among female sex workers to reduce sexually transmitted disease and human immunodeficiency virus transmission in Kenya and Zimbabwe. Ngugi EN, Wilson D, Sebstad J, Plummer FA, Moses S. J Infect Dis. 1996 Oct;174 Suppl 2:S240-7 PMID: 8843254

Increased risk of infection with human immunodeficiency virus type 1 among uncircumcised men presenting with genital ulcer disease in Kenya. Clin Infect Dis. Tyndall MW, Ronald AR, Agoki E, Malisa W, Bwayo JJ, Ndinya-Achola JO, Moses S, Plummer FA. 1996 Sep;23(3):449-53. PMID: 8879763

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Presumptive specific clinical diagnosis of genital ulcer disease (GUD) in a primary health care setting in Nairobi. Int J STD AIDS. Ndinya-Achola JO, Kihara AN, Fisher LD, Krone MR, Plummer FA, Ronald A, Holmes KK. 1996 May-Jun;7(3):201-5. PMID: 8799783

The epidemiology of Chlamydia trachomatis within a sexually transmitted diseases core group. Brunham RC, Kimani J, Bwayo J, Maitha G, Maclean I, Yang C, Shen C, Roman S, Nagelkerke NJ, Cheang M, Plummer FA. J Infec Dis, 1996 Apr;173(4):950-6. PMID: 8603976

Lesions of primary and secondary syphilis contain activated cytolytic cells.. van Voorhis WC, BArrett LK, Nasio JM, Plummer FA, Lukehart SA. Infect Immun. 1996 Mar;64(3):1048-50. PMID: 8641758

Primary and secondary syphilis lesions contain mRNA for Th1 cytokines. Van Voorhis WC, Barrett LK, Koelle DM, Nasio JM, Plummer FA, Lukehart SA. J Infect Dis. PMID: 8568320

Invasive pneumococcal disease in a cohort of predominantly HIV-1 infected female sex-workers in Nairobi, Kenya. Lancet. Gilks CF, Ojoo SA, Ojoo JC, Brindle RJ, Paul J, Batchelor BI, Kimari JN, Newnham R, Bwayo J, Plummer FA, et al. 1996 Mar 16;347(9003):718-23. PMID: 8602001

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Infection of human fetal astrocytes with HIV-1: Viral tropism and the role of cell to cell contract in viral transmission. Nath A, Hartloper V, Furer M, Fowke KR. J Neuropath Exp Neurol 1995; 54:320-330.PMID:7745431

Genetic analysis of human genomic DNA recovered from minute amounts of serum or plasma. Fowke KR, Plummer FA, Simonsen JN. J Immunol Meth 1995;180:45-51. PMID:7897247

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Low dose erythromycin regimen for the treatment of chancroid. East Afr Med J. Kimani J, Bwayo JJ, Anzala AO, MacLean I, Mwatha A, Choudri SH, Plummer FA, Ronald AR. 1995 Oct;72(10):645-8. PMID: 8904044

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STD partner nofification and referral in primary level health centers in Nairobi, Kenya. Sec Transm Dis. 1995 Jul-Aug;22(4):231-5. PMID:7482106

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